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Dispelling the Myths of Outdoor Weddings

18 May 2009 9,096 views 5 Comments

A magnificent outdoor setting

Myth: Outdoor weddings are expensive.
Eleanor says: That depends on the scale of the wedding. Couples already knew how much it will cost them to have a wedding banquet at a hotel ballroom. So for an outdoor wedding, the cost will depend on how grand they want it, or it can be scaled down to fit their budgets.

Myth: Outdoor weddings are troublesome.
Eleanor says: Outdoor weddings are achieved from “nothing” to “something”, by setting up the wedding
tent, laying tables and chairs, setting up the stage and stage and sound system, setting up the buffet lines, and finally, floral decoration are added as a finishing touch. When we organise a wedding, the logistics people, caterer and florist will coordinate our efforts smoothly so that the bride and groom will have nothing to worry about. Our job is to make them feel at ease, from the initial stages of preparation all the way till their actual wedding day.

Myth: It’s too hot in Singapore to have an outdoor wedding. Or what if it rains?
Eleanor says: In hot weather, we’ll always have cooler fans, or you can opt for an air-conditioned tent. As for rain, which is one of our couples’ foremost worries, we have carpet flooring and transparent rain curtains to resolve this issue.

Myth: Outdoor weddings can only be held in remote, inaccessible locations.
Eleanor says: Depending on the outdoor venue they choose, we can always arrange for a shuttle bus service for guests.

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  • KrisBelucci said:

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

  • Mari said:

    Would like to hire the above chairs 300 with 30 round banquet size tables. Can you quote the cost?

  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Mari

    I’ve contacted you via email


  • Julina said:


    May I ask what are the packages available. Am interested in a simple solemisation, at location like Changi cottage with around 50 guests.


  • s t a c e y said:

    Can i check rough guide of the costs to hold a dinner wedding for 330 capacity?

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