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Ben & Sandra’s Wedding

18 May 2009 16,440 views 34 Comments

Ben & Sandra - Solemnisation

Ben & Sandra

Changi Cottage - Outdoor Soiree

Changi Cottage - Chairs

Ben and Sandra held their wedding at the picturesque Changi Cottage on 15 May 2005, which included a separate solemnisation area under the swaying palms, away from the main marquee. Dressed up with sparkling chandeliers, the team at OWS along with wedding planner Spellbound Wedding worked hard to ensure that everything was a glowing success for the happy couple.

For further enquiries please feel free to ring Eleanor at +65(6482-8266) for a no-obligation consultation.

Images: Outdoor Wedding Specialist

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  • anne said:

    hi there! Could you kindly quote us for similar wedding package?? Thank you! :)

  • eleanor said:

    Hi Anne, will you mind leaving me your email address so that i can revert back to you? Cheers! hear from you soon.

  • fahmy said:

    hi! can i please get a quote for about 300-400pax? my email is katoyok@hotmail.com thanks!

  • Ana said:

    Hi Can quote me a package for 80 pax for end 2011?

  • serene said:

    Hi, i’d like a quotation for a package of a similar arrangement.

  • Mei said:

    Hi, I’ll like a quotation for an outdoor wedding at Changi Cottage for 250 – 300 pax November 2012. Thanks.

  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you Qiu Mei~

  • viknes said:

    Hi, I would like a quotation to have a outdoor Indian wedding at changi cottage for 300 – 350 pax in Sep 2012 Thanks.

  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you Viknes.

  • iFah said:

    hi can i know how much will it cost for uR simplest decor for malay solemnisatipn..im planning to do at aloha changi in dec 2011 4 abt 200 pax?…

  • Bernice said:

    Hi there ,

    could you e-mail me an quotation for the pax of 100-300 pax. For the year 2012. Is there any difference for solomization event or wedding event..



  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you Bernice


  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you iFah

  • Maybelline said:

    Hi, can you also give me the details for this wedding package? Deco, per pax, food catering and other charges that needs to be considered. Thanks!

  • Lisa Ang said:


    May I have a quote for outdoor wedding dinner options for 200-250 pax? Its on 7th Jan 2011:) Kindly include pictures too! Thanks:)

  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you Maybelline.

  • Faizal said:

    Hi! Could you drop me a quotation for 200-300 pax ? Thanks in advance

  • The Specialist said:

    Emailed you Lisa =)


  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Faizal

    Emailed you!


  • Leslie said:


    I will like to held our solemnization event at changi cottage on nov 2011.
    Could u e-mail me a quotation for pax of 50-100


  • The Specialist said:

    Leslie, emailed you

  • Raavee said:


    my fiancé and me are looking to have our solemnization at Changi Cottage. Could you give a some quotations for 100-150 pax? And I also read that we are actually not allowed to use the chalets for solemnizaions. So just for my knowledge, in your experience organizing weddings there, how do we get around it?

    Best Regards,

  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Raavee

    Emailed you.

  • Kristle said:


    My Fiance and I are looking to have our solemnization at Changi Cottage on 16th Feb 2013. Could you give a some quotations for 40-50pax?


  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Kristle

    I have replied via email to you.


  • apple said:

    I would like to enquire regarding solemnization package dinner at Changi Aloha Changi Cottage 12 Dec 2012,15 Dec, 20 Dec 2012 or 22 Dec for 150-200 guests…
    Thank you very much!

  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Apple

    I have contacted you via email.


  • Sharon said:


    Can you kindly send a quote for a Solemnization at Burkill hall for about 250 pax?

    Thank you!

  • The Specialist said:

    Hi Sharon

    I have contacted you via email.


  • Carina said:

    Hi OWS,

    The pictures look lovely and the wedding looks fabulous. Can you coat me the price if it was to accommodate 30 tables. I have my own catering. Only need decoration and marquee. Thank you!

  • Xenia said:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about solemnization package at Aloha Changi on 30 Dec 2012. Guest number: 80 – 100. Can i have the quotation regarding the items and costs involved thanks.

    As written on the website, Aloha Changi do not allowed the use of their chalets for solemnization. So how do you go about arranging solemnization at Aloha Changi?

    Hope to get a reply soon. :)
    Thank you!

  • Candace said:

    Hi! I am planning for my wedding in 2013 and we are looking at a similar wedding above, could you please kindly provide me with a quote. Thanks!

  • Veronica Ma said:

    Hi, I need a quotation for about 150 pax at aloha loyang or changi cottge for solemnization and package lunch buffet. thanks!

  • Nisa said:

    Hi there, I am interested to hv a wedding at Changi Cottage in Jan’14 for about 400 pax. Long way to go but Im avidly looking for outdoor wedding venues. How much would it be for just decor? I would like to engage with my own caterer would it be ok for Aloha’s regulation?

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