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Beautiful Benches

6 May 2010 7,941 views One Comment

The humble bench has been seen as an unimportant part of a wedding. However, did you know a well-chosen and well-decorated bench can add that extra oomph to the decor of a
ROM or wedding ceremony event?

Benches can also be wrapped up in ivory or black washable lycra covering that will zing up the decor instantly.

Email sales@ows.com.sg or call +65 6482-8266 to enquire about the benches and bench coverings available from the Outdoor Wedding Specialist.

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  • Aefiel said:

    Hello, I’d like to enquire on the prices of your services. My fiance and I are keen to hold out outdoor, country style solemnization and dinner & dance reception in December 2011. We have not set our minds on a location yet, but there will be approximately 150 guests, and hopefully we can find a beautiful beach or on a meadow/grassland surrounded by trees, giving some sort of privacy to our ceremony. Also, we love the benches above! Would like to use them for both solemnization ceremony, and dinner, with long tables instead of the usual round ones. Please pm me! Thanks :)

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